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CIMS Janitorial Services for Realtors

CIMS understand your need for buildings to be as clean as possible to increase happy living and occupancy. Cleaning office suites, regardless of business or occupancy

  • General Cleaning – stain removal – offices, lobbies, walkways, lounge areas, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas

  • Cleaning – stain removal for resilient and non-resilient flooring

  • Wooden surface Cleaning – stain removal

  • Carpets Cleaning – stain removal by various techniques

  • Interior and exterior window Cleaning – stain removal

  • Hygienic Cleaning – stain removal and disinfecting of lavatories

  • Upholstery Cleaning – stain removal

  • Parking lot sweeping and power washing

  • Event clean-up

CIMS pay attention to high contact areas such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles and push plates so that leaving nothing to chance. We employ different color coded micro fiber cloths and flat mops stop the spread of germs and eliminate contamination.

  • Dust flat surfaces – windowsills, baseboards, kickboards under counters

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Wipe high touch surfaces – door handles, light switches

  • Sanitize telephones

  • Wiping cabinets, countertops and appliances

CIMS has the experience and expertise to maintain the highest sanitation and Cleaning – stain removal standards, which are quintessential to your facility’s safe operation. CIMS will maintain proudly facility’s real estate mission to a star level.

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